VMWare Infrastructure Architect

Company Name:
Elevate Technology Solutions
Elevate Technology Solutions is currently accepting applications for a VMWare Infrastructure Architect to support our operations in Renton, WA.

This excellent opportunity requires that the ideal candidate to be customer focused, and willing to join a winning team.
The VMWare Infrastructure Architect will be responsible for the following:
Understanding a business demand, and map that down to the particular IT capability required.
Articulating why a particular technology (such as NSX, or Virtualization) is needed, and how it maps back to a particular business need.
Indoctrinating in a particular Architectural framework, and can help adopt it to a particular design (e.g. TOGAF for example).
Expressing an Architectural Design, and know exactly what a team of implementers are going to need to build the solution.
The VMWare Infrastructure Architect must have the following skills:
Subject Matter Expertise around virtualization, configuration management, infrastructure design, IT Service Management, etc.
Architecture of a private cloud solution.
Worked with an organization that had a highly manual infrastructure, and have worked in the solution space to move it to a more automated/Orchestrated outcome.
Ideally, a subject matter expertise around VMWare, vRealize (vCAC, vCO).
Articulating, and is comfortable in front of a room full of technical Engineers, or a room full of project leaders (Customer, Project Manager, Producers, etc.)
Worked in a collaborative environment.
Know what level of a design needs to be provided up-front, and what portion of the design can be iterated on with a team.
Participated in SCRUMS.
Articulate, and is comfortable in front of a room full of technical Engineers, or a room full of project leaders (Customer, Project Manager, Producers, etc.)
Leader amongst other technical stakeholders.
Bring a lot of subject matter expertise, but more than anything, they should have a process to drive business needs and technology capabilities into an architectural design.
The VMWare Infrastructure Architect must meet the following qualifications:
Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field
7+ years of IT industry experience
If you are interested and believe your skills would be an excellent match for this VMWare Infrastructure Architect opportunity, please apply to this job or submit your resume.

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